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  1. Patchwork Butty

    Patchwork Butty Haunter Hey Haunter, welcome to the Club!

    Hello gang :)
    Not very good at introductions, I live on an old wooden narrowboat in England and spend far, far too much time battling my pumpkin patch in the pony paddock (whatevers in the soil, they love and become triffids)
    Already known as "that eccentric off the wooden boat", every halloween the pets (dog, bunny, ponies) and me (plus dad sometimes) get costumes and go around the local village performing little tricks for everyones entertainment!
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  2. Jimmy

    Jimmy Haunt Club Officer Staff Member Hey Haunter, welcome to the Club!

    Patchwork... for "not being good at introductions"... you may have the most interesting one I've ever seen ;)

    Welcome to our community, I hope you find a home here as you have on your wooden boat! I look forward to hearing more about your life, eccentricity and Halloween are perfectly mated in my honest opinion.

    Nothing grows pumpkins like horse manure, I too own horses and every year I simply throw my old pumpkins in the manure pile to find new ones the following season... provided there's enough rain.

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