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  1. Jimmy

    Jimmy Haunt Club Officer Staff Member Hey Haunter, welcome to the Club!

    Hello Haunters and Halloween Fanatics!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to help us test the platform prior to our official launch 10/15/16.

    As we go, we'll likely modify parts of the site and include various functionality you request. PLEASE!..LET US KNOW IF SOMETHING IS BROKEN!! Also, be sure to let us know if you'd like to see functionality or specific content included. We will be adding a ticketing system in the next week or so to make this easier for everyone, but in the interim, you can reach out to me directly by starting a conversation or by emailing us: [email protected].

    Quick definitions and best practices:
    These are downloadable artifacts and/or content pieces without downloads that can live on their own outside of the forum. To better explain, it is a resource more than a topic of conversation. That being said, it doesn't mean that a conversation shouldn't be started surrounding it, that is why when someone creates a resource, it automatically creates a thread in the correlating forum as well, but in general the resource can live on its own.

    A great example is tutorials, but we'll be providing all kinds of fun stuff here from recipes to sound effects, to costume sewing patterns, Arduino software, templates, projection effects, and I could go on for miles...

    Anything anyone is asking for we'll provide the tools for creators to deliver that resource, we're even kicking around the idea of allowing folks to create amazing resources for club members to support with a donation.

    We'll be building out the categories for each type and likely will help everyone move their resources around so it makes sense once we define the hierarchy. Don't let this stop you from using it though, we'll fix the organization piece soon. If you don't see a category you'd like to apply let us know or use a generic one for now.

    This section is meant to give you a repository of all your digital assets. You can upload practically anything as well as embed or link anything from various sites. These items can then be used when you're writing in a forum thread, creating a resource, or replying to anything.

    You can also use it to create albums. A great example is "2016 home haunt" which might include pictures, video, audio testimonials, snapchat responses... practically anything!

    The major rule of thumb on whether to post your media here rather than just embedding or uploading to a forum post is if the piece of media or the collection of various pieces of media (albums) can live on their own. Again, a conversation will likely surround each piece of media, but the conversation isn't the focal point, the media is.

    Forum Thread:
    These should be created if the focus of the content is the conversation itself, things like games, topics of discussion, brainstorming, or anything that is not specifically a piece of media that could live on its own or a resource that could live on its own.

    I hope this makes sense, please let me know if I need to better clarify any of the definitions and let's talk about how we'd like this platform to evolve. Our intention is to give this community the best foundation to grow, once established it will be in the hands of the Haunt Club society.


    Questions please....
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  2. Jimmy

    Jimmy Haunt Club Officer Staff Member Hey Haunter, welcome to the Club!

    UPDATE: The ticketing system is up and running. Please submit with bugs you notice or if things aren't performing as expected. You can also submit screenshots to make things a little easier to communicate. Screenshots are very helpful, you can upload them in the ticket just as you would when posting or replying, "upload a file" or "upload a photo".

    In addition, please give us feedback and make suggestions for new features and/or organization of content, forum threads, resources, or media on the site.

    Thanks so much for the help!
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  3. Mistress of Mayhem

    Mistress of Mayhem Haunt Club Moderator Staff Member Hey Haunter, welcome to the Club!

    Jimmy, thanks for all your hard work on the site! I can't wait to see how it evolves!
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  4. Mattew

    Mattew Haunter Hey Haunter, welcome to the Club!

    How do you do the ticketeting system? Just wondering where I go. I can't access the site on Mac. I've only been able to get on from mobile.
  5. Jimmy

    Jimmy Haunt Club Officer Staff Member Hey Haunter, welcome to the Club!

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for reaching out, sorry you're having trouble.

    Where's the ticketing system? That's a good question my friend... I'm pretty sure it was there yesterday, and now it's gone... the pleasures of a new site. Thanks for helping us work out the kinks.

    When I figure out what happened to the ticketing system you will find it in the main navigation where "resources" and the "members" sections are.

    A few of us here have Macs, so that's not likely it culprit alone, however... it could be the version browser you're using on the Mac or the Apple OS version you're using.

    Can I ask you a few questions to start?
    - When you say you can't access the site... what exactly do you mean? It's a blank page, doesn't load, can't login... etc.
    - Can you try to access the site with a different browser if you have another installed on your machine?

    If you could provide any more detail it would be greatly appreciated, and thanks so much for your patience while we get all the bugs worked out of the system. Hopefully this will be the extent of our war stories ;)

  6. Jimmy

    Jimmy Haunt Club Officer Staff Member Hey Haunter, welcome to the Club!

    Ticketing system is back! See "Support Tickets" in the menu.
  7. Mattew

    Mattew Haunter Hey Haunter, welcome to the Club!

    Hey, sorry. I've been really busy with harvest the last several days. ...It's actually working now...very odd. I'll be sure to make sure all of my browsers stay up to date.

    Thanks for all the hard work you've been putting in.

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