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    I'm not being gross, I'm just trying to explain to you the importance of doing that. Ones urine is a great indicator of ones health, did you know? Normal urine is either clear or slightly yellow and does not smell. Anything else, and it means that there is something wrong with the body. Of these, urine that is bubbly is a common occurrence. Does bubbly urine mean that something is wrong? Is it a sign of HL12 Diabetes diabetes and if not, why are there bubbles making their way in? It has been studied that though bubbly urine does not necessarily mean that a person has diabetes, there are increased chances of the same if there are bubbles in urine. This fact is important due to the theory that the conditions that lead to bubbles in urine, could be caused by diabetes. In that way it all comes together to say that if a person has bubbly urine.

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