Free 18 Magnetic From Harbor Freight Tools Coupon Good Until 7/5/2017

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    Hello Haunters,
    So in Hauntcast Ep7 or in PM Chris does a interview with The Chris and Jeff Davis. From the Davis Graveyard. One of their tricks they told Chris was taking magnetics from old hard drives and using them on props and signs to keep them up. Since hard drives are not always easy to find and magnetics aren't that cheap. If you have a harbor freight near you you can use this coupon. Last time I went the guy let me use both a 20% and the free item coupon. Can't say for sure it will happen every time. The trick if you want to be really cheap like me. Use the free coupon with any purchase and buy a .79 cent paintbrush or something. Then you get your money worth. They say "one coupon per day per person". I gone to 3 stores in one day. Only because I have one near my house and two on my way to work. Even using my same phone number they didn't say anything. Hope this helps I also put the 20% coupon on there.



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