Arduino, Four Banger And Octo Banger...oh My

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    trickortreat The Nether World Forest Staff Member Hey Haunter, welcome to the Club!

    If you are thinking of buying a prop controller to bring you props to life. You came to the write forum. I know that this can be scary and not in a good way. To try building something in tech if you never done it before. That is why Terra (Scary Lady Videos on youtube) was using DMX because she didn't want deal with messing with trying to figure out that stuff and wanted something that was plug and play. DMX comes at a price and not a cheap one at that. Go check out the cost at the Frightprops to see.

    Thanks to Mike how helped make The Four Banger and Now the OCTO banger you can make your own prop controller for as little is 20 to 25 dollars. Or you can just buy a PicoBoo Controller for $89.00 dollars. Don't come crying to me that you could of had 3 or 4 controls for the last cost.

    So what is just Four banger or OCTO Banger. Why is it cheap and how do I make it. I'm glad you asked. Ill have to come back to finish this up 6/25/2018 4:28pm

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